Reviews of TEA's first album, "Voyages Du Jour"

"TEA offers a bracing brew of boss nouveau, French and Afro-pop, refreshing as a sweet summer evening breeze washing over lovers in moonlight. It's the perfect party music for the 21st hipoisie."

-- Roger Steffens, The Beat

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"The staid album cover -- with a photo of a teabag featured on the CD booklet -- gives no indication of the unique African-laced, chill-flavored cosmopolitan music that lies within. Or the fascinating history of the project's two chief masterminds. Tunes range from the jungly, heavily African chant- and chill-flavored "Azan Nawa" to the more synthesized Euro-funk and grooves of "Adjegule" and "Heroes of the Sea," a hypnotic dance-chill track with a touch of rolling blues swirled with African guitars. The fascinating hybrid is seriously hard to resist." (more)

-- Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

"TEA delivers a tight tonic of high quality ingredients that bring together wide-ranging influences from Mory Kante to Brian Wilson. Gentle good vibes with a rhythmic drive that can't be beat. When you fall under the spell of Tea, seas are calm, weather bright, life is good. Sail on and away a la carte everyday. Go there."

-- Doug Wendt, Midnight

"A multi-colored musical fabric of many strands, it can be listened to and enjoyed on many levels, from dance beats all the way to scrutiny of intricate guitar embroidery and percussive synchronicity. TEA is brewed from musical sources known and unknown, far-flung and local, and there's always some surprise or another that comes bubbling to the surface, as yet unnamed."

-- Kirk Silsbee, Contributor, Downbeat

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